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Our Policy is Quality, Not Quantity

Wheaten Terrier-Poodles

Outback Whoodles is not your ordinary puppy mill or kennel. Our policy is quality, not quantity. We have lots of references, so feel free to ask about our offers.

Why Choose Us

Adult whoodles and their puppies are our only priority. We are a small, family-owned business and all of our dogs are considered part of our family. The puppies we breed are born and raised in our house. The adult whoodles are free to run around our home and within large acres.

A Unique Breed You Will Love

Whoodles are designer dogs that are a mix of soft-coated wheaten terriers and poodles, cancelling out each breed’s bad traits. They have the best characteristics of both breeds. These pups are smart, easy to train, and an entertaining dog breed to own.

Letting Dogs Be Theirselves

We generally allow our whoodles to freely roam around our home, but we still implement a few rules to train them early on. They can go inside the house, but only in the utility room. The dogs can also get on our couches and our King-sized bed, but not on any other furniture.

Outback Whoodles

Outback Whoodles General Information

Whoodle puppies may vary in color. They can be black, gold, apricot, or be the usual cream white wheaten terrier color. Sometimes, they can also be orange or other colors because it takes them two years to develop their true shade. Whoodles love attention and are very interactive with both children and adults. They love to play, run, and rest.

Connect With Exceptional Whoodle Breeders Today

Our pups are very conscious of your moods, voice, and emotions. They become alert when they hear strange voices and noises, making them excellent watchdogs. For more information about whoodles, reach out to us today.