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We Are Not a Puppy Mill or a kennel. Our policy is Quality not Quantity. We have lots of references feel free to ask.

Outback Whoodles

Why choose us

Whoodles and their puppies are our ONLY priority. Our operation is a small family-owned busines Our Whoodles and their puppies are part of our family. Our puppies are born and raised in our house. Our adult whoodles have the run of our home and many acres.

Whoodles are a designer dog mixing Soft coated Wheaten Terrier and Poodle breeding out the bad traits. Whoodles are very smart. Whoodles are a trainable and entertaining dog breed to own. The whoodle has the best traits of both the soft coated wheaten terrier and poodle.

The dogs are allowed in our house, but only in the utility room.

All Right! Our dogs are okay in the house, but must not get on the furniture.

Great!! Go ahead - the dogs are ok to get on the couch.

Dogs on our bed... No Way!!

Okay, Okay!! We give... The dogs are allowed on the bed. Thank Goodness we have a King bed!

General info

Outback Whoodles General Information

Whoodle puppies may vary from black to gold or apricot to creme white wheaten colors and sometimes an orange one and others as it takes 2 years for them to develop their true color. We have lots of different colors.

Whoodles love attention and are very interactive with children and adults. Whoodles play hard and love to run and rest. Our whoodles are very conscious of your moods, voice and emotions.

Whoodles are also very alert to strange noises or strange voices. Because of that Whoodles make a very alert watchdogs.

Outback Whoodles

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Marvin, it’s really unbelievable that our Roxy is going to be two in just a couple of weeks. It seems as if she’s always been part of our family. Her exuberance, playfulness and determination brings smiles everyday. She’s so smart (in our most unabashed, unbiased opinion, of course!). She’s athletic, affectionate, and patient. She’s also an amazing swimmer, frisbee catcher, ball chaser, and kid lover. To think of that November, 2019 day in Bend, a simple twist of fate, walking along the Deschutes River and randomly running into a woman with the most adorable Whoodle ever from Outback Whoodles. We can’t imagine life without her! Thanks, Marv- you’re the best.

Doug and Mary

Hi Marv I just want to thank you again for bringing first Willie, and now Gracie into our lives. We have loved all our dogs, but we have never had a pup in our lives that was so loving and affectionate as our Whoodles. And smart! And fun and funny! For us the 38-40# size is just perfect and we love that they are non-shedding. But mostly we just love how much they love us and we love them right back. How could we help ourselves?!?

Nora and Terry

Our experience with Marv has been amazing. We are so lucky to have found him and his dogs. Marv arranged for us to meet one of his dogs in our area to test my allergies before making a decision. He kept in contact with us from the moment we committed to adopt by sending videos and answering ALL my questions. And even after we adopted he has been checking on us and even let me send him pictures of my puppies ears to see if I should take him to the vet. Our dog has been healthy and well behaved- his temperament is laid back, caring, and great with our kids. I couldn’t imagine life without our puppy and I have Marv to thank for the most amazing dog in the world.

Marv at Outback Whoodles was wonderful to work with so much so we have two whoodles from them! The first puppy we got we didn’t get a chance to pick out in person and we told Marv the kind of personality we wanted and he picked the perfect puppy for our family. He knows the personality of each puppy and they are carefully and lovingly cared for in his home. The parents live on site and they are part of their family. For our second puppy we were able to go to Bend and pick our puppy. We were there for over an hour and Marv patiently let us hold and play with all of the puppies before choosing. He could tell us something special about each puppy and share a unique personality trait. You could tell how hard it was for him to say goodbye to each puppy as they become members of their family. You can’t go wrong with getting a puppy from Outback Whoodles – several of our friends have loved our dogs so much that they have chose to get a puppy through Marv as well. Marv has asked me to be a reference for prospective puppy parents in the area and I have been happy to share our stories and dealings about Outback Whoodles as well as let them meet our dogs so they can see first hand.

Mary Kaye

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