Warranty Information

Outback Whoodles

Warranty Information

Any changes made without initials by both parties will automatically void warranty.

The warranty covers the whoodle puppy for a year to be in good health.

We do not warranty any issue other than health. We do not warrantee against normal worms or coccidia but our puppies do get wormed several times before you pick them up.

Within 72 hours within receiving the whoodle puppy, we require that you must have your whoodle puppy seen by a veterinarian of your choice, at your expense, or all health warranties are rendered null and void.

During this time, if your whoodle puppy is found to be defective, you must notify us immediately. Veterinary documentation must be sent to our veterinarian who will evaluate the documents on your whoodle puppy. If your puppy is found to be defective it will be gladly replaced from but no monies will be refunded.

There is no warranty on whoodle puppy ailments such as: round worms; kennel cough; coccidiosis; giardia. These, can at times, be unpreventable.

Our coverage is against pre-existing, severe, life-threatening and/or life-shortening disease or disablities. There is no warranty against any condition caused by carelessness, negligence or abuse.

If your whoodle puppy is found to be defective by our veterinarian, replacement of your whoodle puppy will be with the next available whoodle puppy of our choice that is comparable to the original puppy. The defective puppy must be returned at purchasers expense before a replacement whoodle puppy will be shipped. No refund of monies will be exchanged.

We are not responsible for any veterinarian bills or other expenses incurred after the purchase of your whoodle puppy. We do not assume any liability for any injuries to the puppy once the purchaser has taken possesion.WE DO NOT WARRANTEE AGAINST NEGLECT OR ABUSE.

We guarantee the whoodle puppy as a pet. All puppies must be fixed by the end of 9 months of age or the warranty will be null and void. No guarantees are made as to the size/weight, color or disposition as each whoodle puppy varies and the color of the puppy may change until they are 2 years old.

In the event that there is any litigation connected to this contract, purchaser will be responsible for all costs incurred by seller (reasonable attorney fees, court costs).

The venu and jurisdiction of any litigation out of or related to contract or puppy shall be in Deschutes County, Oregon. The warranty is only valid to original purchaser for original whoodle puppy. Ownership to your whoodle puppy will be transferred to you upon receipt of full purchase price.

Potential client must present 2 references of character in order to be allowed the right to adopt your dog’s

General warranty -1 year for life threatening issues. 1 year health warranty. We do not ship dogs.

*Right of refusal at the discretion of breeder*